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Why Paint Protection?


I’ll start by saying something a bit controversial. You don’t need paint protection. Before all my fellow detailers and suppliers come at me with pitch forks, let me explain!

For decades, cars were protected using carnauba wax. In the days of single stage paint, paint would quickly oxidise, turning red into pink and bright yellow into a sickly pale colour reminisce of someone with jaundice. Cars needed to be hand polished every few months and waxed every few weeks, to prevent rapid oxidation. Even today you hear people say “she’ll be alright, just keep up a good polish to it”, and this comes from the days of single stage paints and waxes. Unfortunately, that advice is now no longer as relevant as it once was.

Synthetic sealants came next, and were revolutionary, as now, instead of waxing every few weeks, a single application could last up to 6 months, provided the correct shampoo and washing techniques were used, and you would have that nice, slick, beading surface.

We still use waxes and, sealants, in some cases both, for certain cars and clients. For those who enjoy maintaining their cars, but don’t want the hassle of applying a paste wax, I can highly recommend Optimum Opti-Seal, and Optimum Spray Wax. Both are revolutionary products and offer unparalleled UV protection, gloss, slickness, and most importantly, ease of use. For those who enjoy applying paste waxes, or massaging wax in by hand, I can highly recommend any of the waxes from the Angel Wax range. Superior quality carnauba waxes without the overinflated prices and hype caused by when your marketing department is bigger than your R&D department.

I will explore clear coated finishes and protection and polishing in a later post, but as I said above, you don’t need paint protection – paint protection in this case being a ceramic coating such as OptiCoat. If your car is always garaged, or is a show car, is not daily driven, or if you enjoy waxing and playing around with different product to explore the various looks that different products give, then paint protection is not for you. Come see us for a full correction and application of your choice of wax or sealant and we hope you enjoy exploring the world of detailing!

However, if you drive your car regularly, are after the ultimate in environmental protection, don’t want to have to worry about bird dropping damaging your paint and having to wipe it off in a matter of hours, don’t want to worry about water spot etching, are lazy, don’t have time to maintain your car on a fortnightly basis, or want to save money in the long run, then I would highly suggest you consider some sort of ceramic paint protection. Obviously we sell OptiCoat, and we recommend that for most people, for reasons I will go into during another post, but something is better than nothing – but we are of the belief “do it once, do it right”.

So no, you don’t need paint protection, just as you don’t need to use the right weight oil for your car. But in both instances, you need a very good reason for not wanting to do so!

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Saad, OCD