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Cheaper is not better

I’ve had a few calls recently asking us for quotes, and then had people complain why we are so expensive. To be honest, I was surprised to hear this, as I’ve always believed that we are very competitively priced, especially compared to dealerships, where unfortunately, the vast majority of people still get their paint protection. These calls prompted me to write this short post.
Rather than look at the absolute price, you need to ask yourself, “what am I getting for your money”. For most new cars, the protection of choice is Opti-Coat, arguably the best balance of value for money, performance, looks, and longevity on the market, but we do have options for people wanting something different, a specific look, or behaviour for instance, or for those who enjoy detailing their cars.
What’s important to realise is that just about anyone can slap a coating on a car and call it a day. In fact, many detailers do just this. And whilst I am not denying that there is a market for such products and processes, you owe it to yourself to really investigate the techniques, materials, and equipment used, to find out why cheaper and more expensive options exist, and then work out whether its worth spending the marginal extra for a more thorough job (top tip – it almost always is worth  spending the extra). We often get compared to other detailers using arguably inferior products, who will coat a car for $500-$600. They will then do 2-3 of these cars in a day. We only ever work on one car a day, and will not coat a car without our thorough preparation process, and a paint correction. We will not give a car to a client without letting it cure for at least 12 hours, and then checking the surface for any issues. What this means is that on average, it takes us 8-12 hours to complete a brand new car, and yes we do cost more than old mate Jonno down the road, but it allows to stand by our work and claim with absolute authority that the coating will perform to its absolute best potential.
Always ask what you are getting for your money, and consider paying extra for better preparation work. Like most things in life, whether it be painting a car or house, or taking an exam, 90% of the result is in the preparation.
This was fun. If you would like short write-ups on any topics related to detailing let us know in the comments.
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Saad, OCD.