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What is better – PPF or ceramic coating?

For ultimate protection, nothing beats PPF, as it provides protection against physical and chemical damage. However it can be expensive, which is why for most people we recommend installing PPF on the high impact areas, and then ceramic coating the rest of the car. And if you aren’t worried about stone chips, and want the car protected from chemical damage, along with increased gloss and ease of cleaning, then a ceramic coating is perfect for you. However we always recommend, at a minimum, to install our PPF on your headlights, and this comes in a clear or tinted variety.

Do you hand cut or computer cut your PPF?

With a few exceptions, all our PPF is computer cut in house, ensuring a perfect fitment with no risk to your car. We pride ourselves on our precision installs, and our perfect patterns. We pioneered the use of computer cut PPF in Canberra, and others have followed suit. However we don’t use off the shelf patterns – our extensive experience allows use to tailor patterns to provide an even more precise fit, and allow variations for different badges, decals, and the like.

How long does PPF last?

PPF should be removed and replaced as needed, however Xpel offer a 10 year warrant against PPF failure, including delamination, yellowing, cracking, and bubbling.

Is PPF perfect and invisible?

Nothing is perfect. Your factory paint is not perfect, and will have imperfections such as dust nibs in the paint. We strive for perfection, but some imperfections will always be present if you look closely enough. In our opinion, these imperfections are less unsightly than stone chips and scratches.


Ceramic Coating

What does a ceramic coating do?

A coating provides protection from chemical damage, such as bird droppings, tree sap, insects, and the like. It makes the vehicle easier to clean, stay cleaner for longer, and increases the gloss and shine.

What are other names for ceramic coatings?

Ceramic, in this context, simply means inorganic. Other names include quartz coatings, glass coating, nano-coating, and more. We prefer the term nan-coating, as the term ceramic is little more than a marketing term these days. We actually started installing nano-coatings well before the term “ceramic-coating” even existed in detailing parlance!

Do you offer graphene coatings?

We often receive inquiries about graphene coatings, but it’s important to note that “graphene” is the newest buzzword in the detailing industry. Most “graphene coatings” are essentially high-quality ceramic coatings with the addition of graphene oxide powder, and any differences between coatings are mainly due to variations in the base layer. Established companies such as Gtechniq, Carpro, Gyeon, Ceramic Pro, Xpel, Modesta, and various other heavyweights in the coating industry  have yet to release graphene coatings, which suggests that the technology is not yet fully developed. At our workshop, we offer the Ethos range of graphene coatings upon request, but we cannot say for certain whether graphene is the primary factor in their effectiveness. Ultimately, we recommend that you choose a coating based on proven results and an established reputation, rather than being swayed solely by the presence of graphene. 

dOES a Ceramic coating protect from chips and scratches?

Despite what some less than reputable companies may claim, a ceramic coating does not provide protection from chips and scratches. A coating can help prevent some minor swirls by reducing friction, but provides no meaningful protection in our experience. Some of the nano-diamond based coatings are getting better in this regard however.

How do I take care of my ceramic coating?

We recommend washing at least once a fortnight, using a high quality shampoo or rinseless wash. We also recommend applying a ceramic coating topper, the same brand as your coating, every 3-6 months. And we suggest a yearly maintenance and decontamination wash at Obsession Car Detailing.

Which is the best ceramic coating?

In our experience, there is no best coating, as various coatings have different strengths and weaknesses. We have however, discovered that different coatings are suitable for different use cases. Speak to us to find which might be best for your needs.

Do you offer a lifetime warranty on ceramic coatings?

We do not, and we advise to be very wary of any coatings that claim a lifetime warranty. Such warranties usually only apply if you bring the car back for a yearly maintenance wash, which usually involves touching up the coating. We suggest that the best warranty is looking after the car, and the better you maintain the car, the longer it will last. 3-6 years of longevity is a good estimate in our experience. Many coatings will last longer, and will still be on the surface, but we must make a distinction between “life” and “effective life”. Most coatings will begin to lose their self cleaning and hydrophobic properties after 5-6 years, and for a daily driver, by this time it’s usually worth lightly polishing and re-coating a car to restore the new car look and feel.


Do you do maintenance details?

We offer a coating/PPF maintenance detail for our clients who have used our services. Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of this service.

Do you Do dealership work?

We do not work directly with or for dealerships. Whilst dealerships offer coatings and tint in-house or via contractors, these services are usually sub-par and low quality. However we do have a relationships with many premium dealers, so if you would like us to work on your car before delivery, please get in touch and we can help facilitate this.

Does my brand new car need a paint correction?

No car needs a paint correction, but all cars, even new can benefit from a correction. We always perform a correction, even on new cars, to remove any swirls from the dealer, and to properly clean the paint before coating or PPF. On new cars, a multi step correction can help reduce paint texture, and enhance the overall clarity of the paint.

How long will it take to work on my car?

Ceramic coating on new cars takes 2-3 days, front end PPF takes 3-5 days, and full PPF takes 5-10 days. These timeframes are a guideline, and can vary from car to car.

Can you repair wheels, minor scratches, and stone chips?

We can provide wheel repair services along with our detailing or PPF packages. We can also offer bumper resprays, and touch up stone chips, as well as repair minor dents before detailing or PPF.

How experienced are you?

Obsession Car Detailing was started in 2010. Back then ceramic coatings weren’t even called ceramic coatings! We have been installing PPF since 2016. Our team members range in experience from 1-12 years in the industry.