New Car Ceramic Coating Packages

Our Canberra based car detailing team provides paint protection packages that give your vehicle the best start in life. We have a variety of packages, from basic to complete protection, to suit all needs and budgets. For even more ceramic coatings, consider Paint Protection Film (PPF) to help prevent stonechips and scrapes.

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Our standard new car package
  • Comprehensive 10 Step wash
  • Full paint decontamination
  • Single stage paint enhancement to restore and enhance finish to 85-90%
  • Protection of all exterior painted surfaces

The Ultimate New Car Package

Complete Protection
  • The ultimate in new car protection
  • Heavy machine correction to improve factory finish to 90-95% plus!
  • All exterior painted and plastic surfaces coated
  • Wheels pulled off, cleaned and coated
  • Brake calipers coated
  • Interior leather and fabric coated

Plus Package

Paint, Wheels, Glass, Lights
  • Standard package and more!
  • Wheel faces coated
  • Lights coated
  • Glass coated
  • All exterior surfaces coated
  • Smal/Med/Large/XL/XXL

The Signature New Car Treatment

For those who wish to ascend to the next level of visual enhancement. Bespoke paint correction and paint refinishing. Increased paint clarity and reflection quality. Full exterior and interior protection. We offer perfect paint, coating for cars with incredible depth and shine. All the steps in our standard package above and more. If your car is more than just a car, if you want it looking as good as is possible, choose our signature factory enhancement process.

The Signature Package

Paint Texture Reduction - Unlock Maximum Potential
  • Paint texture reduction to enhance purity of reflections and clarity
  • Increased distinction of image (DOI)
  • Minor texture reduction to complete texture removal available (charges apply)
  • Ceramic coating of all exterior surfaces
  • Complete interior protection
  • Wheels removed and coated
  • Brake calipers coated
  • Glass coated
  • Headlights coated
  • When only the best will do

Paint Correction and Aesthetic Enhancement

Please use the below pricing as a guide for your used vehicle. We are unable to provide exact quotes, as due to the nature of our work, every car is treated individually, and requires different products, techniques, and various amounts of time. Please use the pricing below as a guide for small to medium cars.

Level 1

from $990
  • 10 step wash
  • Complete mechanical and chemical decontamination
  • Permanently removes 60-70% of defects
  • Protected with durable ceramic sealant or wax

Level 2

from $1590
  • 10 step wash
  • Complete mechanical and chemical decontamination
  • Permanently removes 70-80% of defects
  • Wetsanding of deeper defects (charges may apply)
  • Protected with durable ceramic sealant or wax

Level 3

from $1990
  • 10 step wash
  • Paint thickness measured on every panel
  • Permanently removes 85-95% of defects
  • Wet sanding of deeper scratches
  • Protected with your choice of sealant, wax, or coating (charges may apply)


from $690
  • Foam bath
  • Paint decontamination
  • Tyre Dressing
  • All in one paint correction and sealant
  • Increases gloss and clarity
  • Ideal as a pre-sale detail

Bespoke Detailing

Our packages below bring together our years of experience, training, attention to detail, and love for cars to produce award winning work. These packages are not for everyone, and only the select few will appreciate the skill required and the finish obtained, but for those few, the end results are worth it.

Level 4 - Texture Reduction

from $5500
  • Remove paint texture and orange peel for a mirror-like finish
  • Minor texture reduction and enhancement through to complete texture elimination
  • Mechanical and chemical decontamination
  • Stone chip touch up
  • Enhance your factory finish, or flatten the finish of your resprayed car
  • Choice of coating, wax, or sealant
  • Paint perfection

Level 5 - Bespoke

From $8800
  • Only brand new microfibres and polishing pads used
  • Complete interior,exterior, and engine bay clean
  • Complete defect removal to the safe limit
  • Orange peel texture reduction if required (charges may apply)
  • Wheels removed, cleaned, polished, and coated
  • Suspension components cleaned
  • Brake calipers cleaned, polished, and coated
  • Pickup and Delivery if required

Introductory Paint and Interior Protection

We are very proud to introduce our new, introductory paint and interior protection packages.

These packages are ideal for cars that will be kept for less than three years, everyday drivers looking for solid, affordable protection, or those who don’t need the finish and protection of our packages.

This is not “budget” paint/interior protection! Our package includes a full decontamination and wash, a light machine polish, and application of a 12-24 month durability coating, longer if maintained as per our recommendations.

Our interior protection uses the latest technology and provides amazing stain repellence, UV Protection, and anti-bacterial properties.

Introductory Paint Protection

from $850
  • 10 step wash
  • Mechanical and chemical decontamination
  • Extremely high levels of gloss and slickness – you will love how your car feels!
  • Amazing hydrophobicity to make cleaning easier and more enjoyable
  • 3-5 years durability – longer if maintained using our recommended processes!
  • Ideal for drivers looking for quality protection at an affordable price

Introductory Interior Protection

from $250
  • Leather and fabric coated
  • Help prevent staining, dye transfer, and fading
  • 6-12 month durability
  • Make your interior easy to clean
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Ideal for drivers looking for quality protection at an affordable price

Interior, Window Tinting, and Other Services

In addition to the listed,we are able to offer a range of other services, including wheel repair and repaint, brake caliper painting, touch up of scuffs and scratches, leather repair and more! Don’t hesitate to ask – we are only too happy to help!

Leather Clean

from $450
  • Deep clean of leather
  • Removes built up dirt, grime, and oil
  • Moisturises leather
  • Restores new leather smell
  • Application of UV protection

Interior Rejuvenation

from $650
  • Deep leather clean and condition
  • Comprehensive interior detail
  • Mats washed and extracted
  • Compressed air vacuum
  • Restore clean and fresh appearance
  • Leather and fabric protection

Window Tinting

from $450
  • Highest quality Ceramic winow tint
  • Keep cool and your interior protected
  • Block UV and heat
  • LIfetime warranty
  • Various shades available

Mini Interior Clean

from $250
  • Wash and extract floor mats
  • Vacuum interior
  • Application of UV protection to all leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces
  • Ideal as a freshen up