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Window Tinting

Window tinting is an essential upgrade for any car as it provides both protection and style. Installing a high-quality tint offers a range of benefits such as UV and interior protection, privacy, heat rejection, and an added touch of sophistication.
Benefits include:

At Obsession Car Detailing, we are proud to be Canberra’s exclusive dealer of Xpel tint. We highly recommend and use Xpel Prime XR Plus, the best tint on the market, known for its exceptional IR rejection, superior colour stability, and impeccable clarity. However, we also offer a more affordable ceramic tint option with 85% IR rejection for customers who may not require the premium features of Xpel Film.

Although ceramic films may be more expensive than traditional dyed or metallic films, they offer numerous advantages such as:


Xpel prime xr plus

Highest heat rejection on the market, superior optical clarity, 96% IR rejection​


A more affordable ceramic film, 85% IR rejection and great clarity​

Visible Light Transmittance

Window tinting is measured using VLT – Visible Light Transmittance.

The lower the number the darker the tint, so 30% is darker than 80%.

In the ACT and NSW, the legal limit is 35% VLT in the front, and 20% VLT rear of the driver.

30% is darker than 80%