02 August 2012

We are now Authorised Opti-Coat Dealers!

Obsession car detailing is proud to be the only authorised Opti-Coat Dealer in Canberra. This revolutionary product protects like nothing else, bonds to the paint for a lifetime, and forms a protectant many times harder than the clearcoat.

From Optimum Care Care:

Opti-Coat (sometimes referred to as Opti-Guard) is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and chemical etching from environmental impacts.

The Opti-Coat pre-polymer cross links, and forms a continuous film on the surfaces it is applied to, similar to a single component isocyanate that forms a clear coat finish.

Opti-Coat has better chemical resistance, scratch & mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive coating in use. It provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints, and can also be applied to exterior glass, metal and hard plastic surfaces.

Contact us for pricing and information. This is a must for all new cars. Please do not fall for dealer paint protection scams, contact us for some real protections!
See http://www.optimumcarcare.com.au/product/13/about_opti-coat_paint_protection.html for more information.
We look forward to having your car in for the best treatment money can buy soon!
We already have a few cars booked in for this exclusive treatment so check back for updates.