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Top Gear Season 24 Episode 1 Review!

Top Gear is back! I, along with many of you I’m sure, wept when Clarkson, Hammond, and May decided to call it a day at the BBC. Technically Hammond was fired, and the other decided to leave, but we all know the story. I remember watching Clarkson on the old Top Gear, and the trio […]

Thinh’s CLA45 AMG

Thinh contacted us serveral months before picking up this gorgeous (and bloody quick!) CLA45 AMG on advice of a friend for whom we had done some work. He wanted the most durable protection, and superior finish, so after an inspection, we decided a full correction with Opti-Coat Pro was on the cards. Being a fine […]


Been a bit slow lately with updates. Havent been able to get any decent shops! However this weekend I was lucky enough to detail an amazing C63 AMG! Enjoy!