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Some Recent Details

In time for the German car show tomorrow, I did a few mini details of some VW’s.

Firstly, a Mk2 GTI. The paint was in pretty good condition, so it was washed, clayed, wheels cleaned and tyres shined. I then applied 2 coats of Zaino, and applied sealant to the wheels. The leather was conditioned, and UV protectant applied to the trims and plastic, inside and outside.

detailing (3 of 12).jpg

Second, we have a black VW Golf R32.

The owner is bringing the car back for a full detail and paint correction soon, so I used natural Carnuba Wax as it looks better but doesn’t last as long. I cleaned the wheels, sealed them, conditioned the leather, blackened the tyres, clayed and degreased the car to remove the old wax. The car had a lot of swirls, due to poor washing technique and the fact that it is black!

The car has a really nice wet look to it now, and when the car is brought back for paint correction it will look even better – I will apply Zaino and top it off with Wax.

detailing (4 of 12).jpg

You can see some light swirls here, but overall the finish is nice and very wet.

detailing (7 of 12).jpg

detailing (8 of 12).jpg

detailing (9 of 12).jpg

detailing (11 of 12).jpg