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Rag Company Microfiber – Canberra

Did you know Obsession Car Detailing are authorised sellers of microfiber towels from the Rag Company?

We carry and can order in most of the range, in individual and bulk quantities, however we tend to stock what we use and what we find to be the most useful. We are always happy to offer advice on what we find to the best combination of towels, so please ask!

Our online store is in the works, but for the meantime please email for all orders, and please call on 0433 899 839 for any advice.

We also have bulk packs available in the Edgeless 300 and Edgeless 365, which are perfect for professional detailers.

For the record, we think the best combination of towels to have are he Edgeless 365/300 , the Eagle (any weight), a few Minx’s, a few Car Wash Towels, the Twist n Shout for drying, a few Pluffles, and the FTW for exterior glass and the Premium Waffle for interior glass. A few 265 towels are great for engine and wheel work too.

We are working on putting a package together of our favourites, so keep an eye out!