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Leevone’s MY12 WRX

Leevone just purchased this stunning WRX Club Spec and brought it straight to us for an Opti-Coat package. However being a black car, the dealer said they would have the car “buffed”. This is a classic example of why you should not let the dealer wash or detail your car. Whilst looking good initially, closer inspection revealed the use of silicone based fillers, and the presence of buffer trails and fine marring. Fillers do a good job of making a car look swirl free, however give it a few washes and the fillers are gone, revealing the cars’ true finish. Not good, especially on a black car. If a dealer ever offers to have your car ‘detailed’ politely decline. Detailers who do work for dealers work to a time frame, and cannot give your car the care and attention required to ensure perfect results.

As usual we began with a decontamination wash:




This allowed us to inspect the paint…


Which was full of swirls and buffer swirls from a high speed rotary left by the Dealers’ “detailer”:


More damage:



Left side not corrected, right side corrected:




Black Subaru paint is some of the softest I have encountered which makes it a challenge to correct. However once Opti-Coated, it will be much harder to scratch due to the hardness of the coating.

Some reflections:



Hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to contact us to discuss the best method to look after your car!