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James’ 2014 Audi S3 Sedan

After doing his Mazda CX5 a while back, James asked us to go to town on his brand new Audi S3 Sedan. This was the first S3 sedan in the country, and was a real privilege to work on. We must say, Audi really got it right with this car, it’s absolutely stunning, fast, practical, luxurious, everything you could ever need in a car.

Seeing as Opti-Coat is the only protection proven to last and tested by the CSIRO, like his Mazda, James requested we apply Opti-Coat, but only after a full paint correction to maximise the potential of the German paint job. Audi’s have fantastic paint, hard, but nice to work with. A1 to Audi, or should we say, S3 😉

As always, click the pictures for a larger version, and see the full photo set here:

As it arrived, straight from the dealer, stickers intact. We just LOVE this colour:

Audi S3-1.jpg

Audi S3-2.jpg

LOVE those LED daytime running lights, so aggressive:

Audi S3-3.jpg

Plenty of brake dust:

Audi S3-8.jpg

Audi S3-10.jpg

Audi S3-13.jpg

Starting with a foam bath, and getting the details done:

Audi S3-14.jpg

Audi S3-15.jpg

Audi S3-16.jpg

Starting paint decontamination by removing iron fall out:

Audi S3-18.jpg

You can see the iron reacting and turning pink:

Audi S3-19.jpg

Audi S3-20.jpg

Attacking the wheels:

Audi S3-21.jpg

Audi S3-22.jpg

Using a clay towel:

Audi S3-24.jpg

Examining the paint. A few swirls and scratches, but nothing too major:

Audi S3-25.jpg

Audi S3-28.jpg

Taped for the correction:
Audi S3-29.jpg

Stunning gloss and clarity can be achieved with the right tools, products, and know-how:

Audi S3-31.jpg

Audi S3-32.jpg

And the final step:
Audi S3-34.jpg

The next day, all done:

Audi S3-36.jpg

Audi S3-37.jpg

Audi S3-39.jpg

Audi S3-51.jpg

Audi S3-40.jpg

Audi S3-45.jpg

Audi S3-57.jpg

Audi S3-56.jpg

Audi S3-63.jpg

Audi S3-67.jpg

Audi S3-80.jpg

Audi S3-97.jpg

Audi S3-77.jpg

As always, contact us to find out how we can get your car looking better than new! This is a perfect example that new isn’t always the best!