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Introducing….Optimum Opti-Guard Fabric

After many months of testing, Optimum Opti-Guard Fabric is finally available.

Designed to complement the existing Opti-Guard Leather and Vinyl, Opti-Guard Fabric Opti-Guard creates a superhydrophobic coating to protect fabric seats, carpets, fabric convertible tops and other textile surfaces. When liquids come in contact with Opti-Guard Fabric, the surface repels the substance and liquids roll off without penetrating or staining the material.

Opti-Guard Fabric forms a strong bond with the fibres to prevent removal during cleaning. When combined with Optimum Fabric Cleaner & Protectant, the Opti-Guard system provides permanent protection for these surfaces.

Thus we know have a fully interior solution for vehicles, protecting both fabric and leather/vinyl.
An interior treatment for a standard new car is $449, and includes seats, mats, carpets, dash, door cards and any other leather/vinyl/plastic areas. We can also apply it to used cars, after some cleaning. 
For new cars, a lifetime warranty  is offered when combined with an annual inspection, and is by far the best interior protection you can get for your vehicle. For used cars a warranty of 2 years is available, and covers UV damage and any permanent stains. A must if you have children!
Speak to us now about how we keep your vehicles interior looking good for as long as possible!