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Choosing the right Car Window Tint

A car is nothing short of being the pride and joy of a car enthusiast. But when it comes to picking the right window tint for your baby, it can seem a bit tricky. The what’s and how’s of picking the perfect window tint can seem a tad bit daunting. This is where we step in to make your life and car smoother.

Window Tint Percentage Options

First things first, what is a tint percentage and what are the options available in the market? These are two basic questions that need to be answered. The tint percentage is the amount of visible light transmission or VLT that can pass through the car window. The lower the VLT %, the darker the tint. Tint percentages vary from 5% (darkest) to 80% (lightest).

When you buy a car, it comes with a factory tint percentage of 15%-20%. You can choose to get a:

  • 70% tint if you want to avoid complete darkness. This film is effectively clear. This blocks UV and infrared, keeping you cool, and reduced glare and strain on your eyes, without the darkness of lower VLTs, making driving way more enjoyable and safer.
  • 35% tint for a little additional darkness, but it is still see-through. It is usually preferred for the sleek and stylish look it lends to a car.
  • If privacy is what you’re after, a 20% tint is the go-to choice. It is possible to see through the window if you’re up close, but it is still difficult to do so. You know what that means, right? Adios snoopers!
  • 5% is the darkest in the market and is illegal in most states. A 5% tint is impossible to see through. It is commonly used in limousines and private cars.

Suggestions For Picking The Right Tint Percentage

Now coming to the ‘how’ part of the process. Let us break it down for you. To pick the right tint for your car, you must first determine the legal percentage allowed in your state. You don’t want to get a defect notice now, do you?

Once you figure that out, there are a few more things you might want to take into consideration.

Why Do You Want To Get The Tint

The reason behind getting a tint varies from person to person. It can range from privacy to protecting one from the sun. You might want to get a tint to:

  • Block harmful UV during long summer days
  • Reduce glare while driving
  • Reduce heat in your car
  • Deter people from snooping
  • Give your car a sleek and stylish look

 Determining your priorities helps smoothen the decision of picking the right window tint.

For most people who are looking for the maximum amount of heat reduction as well as killer looks, we recommend Xpel Prime XR Plus window tint. This has the highest infrared heat rejection on the market, providing the best possible heat reduction. In addition it has a beautiful black colour with a slight blue tinge, giving a stylistic appearance, with a high gloss finish.

The Look Of Your Car 

Getting a tint can change your car’s whole look and aesthetic, both inside and out. Deciding on the ‘look’ you’re after can help determine what tint percentage to choose.

And remember to stay wary of the legal tint percentage of your state.

Picking A High-Quality Film And Installer

Once you know what tint percentage you’re after it’s time to pick the best film in that category. Always go for a high-quality film from a professional window tinting shop. This offers you two major benefits:

  1.  Professional-grade films have more extended durability and life, saving you money in the long run.
  2. An industry-grade tint installed by a professional will make your car go from ‘wow’ to ‘DAMN!’ 

Is The Tint Percentage You’re After Legal In Your State

The legal tint percentage can vary from state to state. So remember to make a note of what is allowed in your state. If you travel interstate regularly, make sure the tint percentage you pick also adheres to that state.

In Canberra, the lowest VLT for front windows is 35%, and 20% for the rear.

Let’s Get Tinting

The perfect window tint percentage for you is one that ticks all your boxes. If you are ready to get your tint on or need help deciding on one, contact us, and our team of professionals will help you from start to finish.