Bernard – Porsche Macan GTS

Saad did the entire exterior of my car and it has turned out perfectly. He is a perfectionist and his passion clearly shows. Apart from the results, what impresses me the most is his customer service. He even put petrol in my tank because it was running low! He really listens to his customer and nothing is too much trouble. He is a true professional and will not recommend anything that you don’t ned. Good on you Saad. Well done. I would wholeheartedly recommend OCD to anyone who would like to optimise the appearance of their cars.

Adrian – Ford Focus RS

Picked up my Focus RS beginning of December and only wanted the best in regards to exterior and interior protection. Two weeks later it was in the hands of Saad at OCD for the full treatment and what a difference it made. My RS looks on another level which is crazy. Saad knows his stuff and his dedication to his work is second to none. Cheers mate

Sam – Mini Cooper S

Saad worked his magic on my brand new Mini Cooper that comes with dealership marks of approval. Yes “Swirl Marks” Full of it on a brand new car!
Minimal correction was done by a so call car detailer. It’s good and comforting to know that there are people in the industry who still has passion on their work.
You don’t need to look any further for car detailing when you’ve OCD in Canberra.

Robert – Golf R

Got our Golf R done which we have had since new. OCD ARE OCD. They fix up the previous stuff up and removed all the swirls and protected with Opticoat. Car looks better than new. You get what you pay for. They did such a great job that my new car goes in next week. Many thanks boys about time Canberra got some serious players in the industry

Roy – Nissan 370GT

I had my Nissan Skyline GT 370 detailed by Arshad a while ago. It arrived almost direct from the ship to them in a real dirty condition. Arshad was most helpful, stepping me through the process and what could and couldn’t be achieved through the application of Opticoat. He then spent that whole weekend bringing back an almost new shine to the car. When the car was ready (Albeit a little bit late due to Arshad insisting a little more work was required to bring it up to standard!) I was amazed by the quality of the work.

Arshad really loves the work, and I feel he attacks each car from a pure enthusiasts perspective. I can highly recommend his service if your car is important to you.

Brody – Toyota 86

I picked up my Toyota 86 in December last year. Although I was a little sceptical about paint protection, I decided that I wanted to apply something to help protect and preserve the paint. After quite a bit of research, I decided that OptiCoat was the best option. I contacted three companies, one of which was Obsession Car Detailing. From the beginning, Saad was extremely helpful. He explained to me the entire process in great detail and reassured me every step of the way. He negotiated a great deal with me and, soon enough, I had my car booked in for a full paint correction and OptiCoat. It’s been over six months and the car still looks amazing after every wash.

Unfortunately, my beloved car was reversed into not long ago. The left door was written off. A new door was quickly ordered from Japan and the car found itself, once again, booked in with Obsession Car Detailing. I didn’t waste any time researching other companies. On this occasion, Arshad performed the work. He gave my car a full detail and applied opticoat to the new door. Once again, the end result was brilliant.

It’s been a pleasure to deal with both Saad and Arshad. It’s quite clear that they are extremely passionate about their work. They are true professionals and have a work ethic that is unparalleled. Unlike most other car detailing businesses, they work on one car at a time and they don’t stop until they achieve the best possible result. I would not hesitate in recommending Saad and Arshad to anyone considering having their car detailed and/or having opticoat applied. The name that Saad and Arshad have chosen for their business speaks for itself. Their attention to detail is incredible. Well done guys and thanks again.

Quinten – BMW M3

The only problem is that the car is too shiny now and I can’t stop looking at it!