04 November 2013

Announcing New Opti-Coat Pricing

Advances in technology and investment by us have allowed us to drop our prices on Opti-Coat applications for new cars. Yep, that’s right, in an unprecedented world first, we are lowering our prices!

Our new pricing structure is simple. Simply select what size of car you have, select any options, and bingo!

All prices include the Nationwide Opti-Coat Warranty!

Please note we need the car for at least 24 hours to allow Opti-Coat time to adequately cure.

Application of Opti-Coat Only

This involves a wash, paint decontamination, preparation of the surface, and application of the Opti-Coat.

  • $590 (small, medium, and large cars)
  • $690 (large 4WD’s and SUV’s)

Opti-Coat With a Paint Correction

This is our preferred method. Since Opti-Coat is a permanent product, it is important to remove any paint defects, otherwise they will be locked in forever. We also maximise shine and gloss, making your car look better than the dealer could ever dream! Cars from the dealer are not perfect, just take a look at all the cars we’ve done to see this, they are usually full of swirls, holograms, and water marks. We focus on getting the car looking as good as possible, and then locking it in with Opti-Coat.

  • $990 – Small (e.g. Toyota 86, Barina, small coupes and hatchbacks)
  • $1090 – Medium (e.g. VW Golf, BMW 3 series, most sedans)
  • $1190 – Large (e.g. BMW 7 series, most SUV’s)


  • Wheels (faces only) – $100
  • Wheels (inside and outside) – $240


  • Opti-Guard (leather, fabric, vinyl, carpet, dash, plastic) – $450 with 2 year warranty

And if you have a used car, shoot us an email or give us a call and we would love to help you out!