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White Toyota 86 Touch Up and Insurance Work

Several months ago, we performed a full paint correction and Opti-Coat application on Brody’s brand new pearl white Toyota 86.  Unfortunately, Brody was involved in a minor accident and had to get a new door for his car. Being a smart guy, Brody was fully insured, and his insurance company paid for the detail of […]

Black Toyota 86

Some time ago, we performed a paint correction on a black Subaru BRZ. Now it was time time for its twin, a black Toyota 86. Black is the hardest colour to work with, with every single swirl and scratch visible under any light, so it’s important to get the paint as smooth as possible before […]

Lime Green Hyundai Veloster

Who here remembers when Hyundai came out with the Excel for $13,990 drive away? I think it was in the late 90’s, and my brother and I had recently moved to Australia from England. Whilst great value for a new car, although there are now cheaper options from the likes of Daihatsu, most people would […]

And we have another one!

The Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ is an extremely hot car right now. So much so that we have probably done at least a dozen of them over the past 8 months. There are a lot more on the road, but unfortunately it seems many of them were sucked into purchasing the dealer provided paint protection. It […]