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Ben’s Subaru BRZ – detail and review

I was lucky enough to detail a brand new Subaru BRZ. And what’s more, owner Ben was kind enough to let me take it out for a proper drive! Its not fast by any means, and has to be over 4000rpm. But it has the best shifter of any car I’ve driven, the best response, […]

Leevone’s MY12 WRX

Leevone just purchased this stunning WRX Club Spec and brought it straight to us for an Opti-Coat package. However being a black car, the dealer said they would have the car “buffed”. This is a classic example of why you should not let the dealer wash or detail your car. Whilst looking good initially, closer inspection […]

Opti-Coat on a Brand New Alfa-Romeo Guiletta

We have just detailed a brand new Alfa Romeo Giuletta. Having just purchased the car, the owner wanted the best possible protection, so he booked in with us for an Opti-Coat treatment and a full leather and interior protection package. Despite being a new car, and telling the dealer to not wash it, we still managed to […]